Top essential Tech professions of 2020

Every Monday, Futura offers you a new meeting around employment. In accordance with our editorial line, we will decipher the job offers and the job market in the fields of technology and digital, science and basic or applied research as well as the environment. In this first article, we will list the ten essential IT and digital professions in 2020 according to the professional social network LinkedIn.

To carry out its survey, LinkedIn relied on data from its members whose profile is public and who posts a full-time position in France. Then, the annual recruitment and growth rate for each profession was calculated between 2015 and 2019 in order to identify the most attractive professions. The three sectors with the highest demand are information technology, information technology, and the internet.
Here are the ten jobs that recruit in 2020. © Andrey Popov, Fotolia

Engineer in artificial intelligence

 LinkedIn statistics show that the number of jobs related to artificial intelligence has increased 16-fold over the past four years. The activities are diverse for an artificial intelligence engineer: from the installation of a sculpin to the design of the navigation system of an autonomous car. Its role is to design computer programs that reproduce tasks and reasoning managed by humans. He works closely with IT developers to integrate these technologies into products.

Cybersecurity specialist

Computer systems have become the preferred target of hackers and their attacks of all kinds. Theft of personal data, computer virus or phishingcyber attacks can take all kinds of forms and affect businesses as well as states. The role of a cybersecurity specialist is to prevent the leakage of this sensitive data by ensuring the security of computer systems. It applies to the company’s IT and telecom security policy to protect data. It identifies and examines threats to guard against them.

Data stored by companies or states is prized by hackers.  © Geralt Pixabay

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

The site reliability engineer (SRE)   works for technology companies to guarantee the reliability of websites and applications. This profession is constantly evolving in accordance with the legislation which dictates the standards of the sites with regard to accessibility. The site reliability engineer must, therefore, know software engineering and its applications.