2020 Tokyo Olympics: Toyota unveils its autonomous electric shuttle

In anticipation of the upcoming Olympics, the e-Palette, Toyota’s autonomous electric shuttle, has been redesigned “Tokyo 2020” version. It will provide athletes with fully automated mobility on loop circuits.

This week, Toyota has presented more details about its e-Palette electric shuttle. The organizers of the  2020 Olympics want to focus on the automation of transportation, which is why Toyota has revealed that it has updated 20 e-Palette electric shuttles to fit the transport of athletes on the Olympic campus. next year.

The vehicles will be used to transport athletes and their teams between the Olympic and Paralympic villages during the Tokyo Games in 2020.

These capsule-shaped vehicles were introduced for the first time in 2018. They feature large doors and electric ramps that are particularly suited to Olympic and Paralympic athletes. In the cockpit, space is open and equipped with bars all along, easy-to-use seats and signage on the ground.

The different elements display a contrasting color finish to simplify the movement and transport of visually impaired or color-blind people. These improvements have been made thanks to the athletes of comments, including Paralympics, which were consulted on their needs in terms of mobility.

Large sliding doors and electric ramps, contrasting visuals for the Toyota e-Pavette.  © Toyota

An e-Palette competing with flying taxis?

Although it is expected that these vehicles will move autonomously on a predetermined route to almost 20 km / h, a driver will also be on board. With this driver, the shuttle will accommodate up to 20 people.

The e-Palette is equipped with an automated driving system, software and advanced sensors such as cameras and Lidar  ( Light Detection And Ranging),  combined with high precision 3D mapping and a complete field of view 360 degrees around the vehicle.

Redesigned cabin for Toyota 2020 e-Palette Shuttle. © Toyota