3 MOBA to replace League of Legends on Android

It’s been almost 10 years since Riot Games released its hit League of Legends. Little by little, the game improved before conquering the world of E-Sport. Today, more than 100 million users compete each month in this famous MOBA. Unfortunately, the game is only available for computers. Thanks to the progress of smartphones, it is now possible to play different MOBA on smartphones.

The MOBA or Multiplayer Combat Arena Online is a genre of video games popularized on PCs. Although League of Legends and Dota 2 take center stage, mobile games still offer a similar fun experience. To please fans of the genre, TopAppli has compiled a list of the 3 best MOBA for Android smartphones.

Arena of Valor

arena of valor

Arena of Valor

Developed by the Chinese giant Tencent Games, this game offers a quality experience. Often referred to as the mobile counterpart LoL Arena of Valor (or AOV) is one of the games most popular on smartphones. He has extraordinary success in China and has hundreds of millions of players around the world. In game modes in 5 against 5, 3 against 3 or even 1 1 recount, demonstrate your skill against other players. The resemblance with the league of Legends is undeniable and game mechanics come close to it.

The amateurs will even be able to detect some similarities at the level of the playable champions, that it is at the level of the mechanics or the design. Thanks to short games, the game proves to be an excellent alternative to spend time on the move.

Arena of Valor is a free2play but offers however to accelerate the advance by buying virtual currencies. So you progress faster but be careful not to abuse, the bill can go up very high.




Since 2014, Vainglory offers players an ambitious playful experience. With a large number of playable characters and different game modes, Vainglory promises you long hours of entertainment. Blitz mode is great for passing time. During a 5-minute game, two teams of 3 players compete. The team with the most kills or destroys the most turrets wins the game.


For those who know, Vainglory also offers a game mode close to the ARAM. Two teams compete in 3 against 3 on a card with only one lane and no jungle. In this mode of play, team combat is the key to victory in order to advance on the map as quickly as possible by killing enemies and destroying turrets. Vainglory proposes a system of the evolution of the characters.

To make its champions favorite stronger, you simply play regularly or buying through a shop for improvements. If this system closer Vainglory of Pay2Win, the most players hardcore will appreciate showcasing their skills and perseverance. Indeed, what is more, gratifying for a player than to defeat an opponent only through the skill without spending a large sum of money.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Moble legends

If the title is quite evocative, the mechanics, as well as the design, do not hide the relationship with League of Legends. Indeed, if the map and the gameplay strongly resemble those of League of Legends, the resemblance even goes so far as to copy the skills and the design of the champions. players will quickly find their bearings and will soon be able to win on the battlefield. Despite the disputes between the developers of Mobile Legends and League of Legends, the game remains appreciable.

Small anecdote: If you look good, you can even find errors. For example, a champion of Mobile Legends identically replicates the skills and design of an LoL champion named Wukong. If the name was changed in Mobile Legends, its description still displayed Wukong as the name. They did not sprawl to develop their champions!