A brand new Snapchat for Android!

Despite a sharp decline, Snapchat remains popular among younger users. However, the app suffered from a lack of optimization on Android smartphones since the launch of the application in 2011. Fortunately, this is only a distant memory. The developers have finally unveiled an optimized version for the Google OS.

More fluid, more responsive, more efficient, the iOS application of Snapchat has had all the attention of the developers. In order to overcome this inconvenience for Android users, Snapchat presents a brand new version of the app. The latter is based on a new technical basis.

A new Snapchat

By November 2017, we already heard about this version optimized for Android. Indeed, Snap announced bitter results, as well as a brand new version of the app. More than a year for an update may seem long, but developers have not been idle. Indeed, more than simple fixes, it is a complete rewrite of the code of the app. 

Do not expect a new graphic charter or new features though. Snap wants to offer the same experience to Android and iOS users. It is therefore natural for both applications to be similar. So be reassured, the interface and navigation remain the same. Your friends are on the left, the stories and Discover the right, the map swissing down and the Memories up!

You can simply get the new version of Snapchat by updating your app through the Play Store. If you have activated automatic updates, you probably already have the new release. All that remains is that Snap is also updating its infrastructure so that everyone can take advantage of the new optimizations.

In addition, the Twitter account of the social network has confirmed this version with a tweet full of love. The latter shows a close relationship between the little ghost and the famous android.