A ride on the Aston Martin Rapide E

Produced to 155 copies, the Rapide E is the first foray of the famous British brand in electric propulsion.

You are not likely to cross many on the road, so as to take this video to see the Aston Martin Rapide S. The four-door luxury GT will be produced in limited series (155 copies) from the fourth quarter of this year and will cost 279,000 euros. Meanwhile, a pre-production prototype made an appearance at the Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1 to perform a few laps and allow Aston Martin to garner pre-orders.

The Rapide E is the electric version of the AMR (Aston Martin Racing) Rapide V12 engine. Developed in cooperation with Williams Advanced Engineering, it incorporates two engines ”  made in England  ” on the rear train that deliver 610 horsepower and a torque of 950 Nm. Aston Martin announces 250 km / h in top speed and 0 to 100 in less than four seconds. The builder presents it as “the most powerful Rapide”.

The last of Rapide

On the power supply side, the Rapide E is equipped with an 800 V 65 kWh battery that can offer up to 322 kilometers of autonomy (WLTP cycle). It will probably not be necessary to have a heavy foot on the accelerator to travel such a distance in one go … The fast charge will recover 80% range in 35 minutes and Aston Martin announces a time of 3.5 hours for a full charge at home on a standard power outlet.

The Aston Martin Rapide will close the Fast chapter for the brand before the transition to the new Lagonda range from 2022 which will be entirely electric.