A tornado hunter drone offers us incredible images

The WX Chasing team used a drone to track the progress of a ranching tornado in the state of Oklahoma in the United States.

The images you will discover are as rare as they are spectacular. WX Chasing, a team of tornado hunters and other extreme weather events, filmed a tornado as she was crossing a ranch in Sulfur, Okla., USA. To achieve this feat, WX Chasing used a drone equipped with an Ultra HD video camera. The images were shared on Facebook.

We see the aircraft take off from the edge of a road, revealing in the distance the tornado towards which it is heading. Below, we see a path on which heavy vehicles and cars circulate while the vortex progresses to only a few hundred meters. Then we see the tornado cross a body of water and a wooded area, tearing a few trees in its path.

Oklahoma is part of the Tornado Alley

From 2 minutes 20 in the sequence, the drone is very close to the vortex that whirls in the middle of a field, giving the impression of dancing. The tornado continues its path without encountering an obstacle, and one sees it gradually losing intensity until fainting.

The United States is the country with the most tornadoes (between 700 and 1,200), which causes dozens of casualties every year. With Texas, Kansas, and Nebraska, Oklahoma is one of the most affected states, hence their nickname  Tornado Alley. In the case of the tornado filmed by WX Chasing, fortunately, there are no casualties and no material damage, except trees torn and damaged.