After the Huawei smartphones, the Chinese drones in the viewfinder

The United States multiplies offensives against the Chinese giants of the high-tech sector. After bombarding Huawei by banning it on the grounds of espionage, the authorities are now targeting China’s drone manufacturers.

Last week, Donald Trump, the president of the United States, signed a decree outlawing all Chinese telecommunications companies as a supplier of equipment for the country. It has been months since the US authorities accuse the equipment supplier in 5 G Huawei to procure material allowing the Chinese government to spy on the countries supplied. 

As a result, Google has just removed its license from Android to the manufacturer. The United States has even put pressure on most European states to make the same decision. In the face of these attacks, Huawei notably sought the support of France at the VivaTech show. 

Today, the US government is attacking Chinese drone builders. The state has just issued a warning to government agencies and law enforcement. Accessed and reported by CNN, the message explains that these aircraft can potentially transmit US data to an authoritarian state that can freely exploit that data.

The world’s number 1 DJI in the sights

It turns out that the biggest drone manufacturer in the world is the DJI Chinese based in Shenzhen. Its devices represent 80% of the American market and are very popular in France, especially among professionals in the sector. The document goes even further by encouraging individuals to avoid these devices for their leisure and the same reasons.

For its part, even though it is not mentioned by name, DJI immediately responded to this warning by explaining that drones used by US authorities do not transmit any data over the Internet to the firm or third parties. DJI has also assured that its technologies have already been analyzed by the government and major companies of the country.