Agazzini SEM Adventure Bike – The new Concept

The mountain bike of the Italian brand Agazzini is equipped with a double transmission that allows you to use it by pedaling like a conventional bike or as an electric motorcycle with an acceleration handle.

Like France, Italy is a land of cycling in general and mountain biking in particular. And our transalpine neighbors have a predilection for the “big” mountain bikes that send wood in the trails. The manufacturer Agazzini wanted to push this logic to the extreme by making what he calls a “moto-bike”. Called SEM Adventure, the machine is equipped with a classic transmission for a pedaling muscle and an electric transmission to play the steepest slopes.

On the right side, the independent bottom bracket of the engine is mounted in a mono plateau with an 11 speed Sram GX derailleur. On the left side, the 4 kW electric motor drives a Gates carbon belt and offers 130 Nm of torque. The acceleration is controlled by means of a handle, as on a motorcycle. Agazzini boosted the engine with a 120 A controller and a 52 V 910 Wh battery. The manufacturer announces a maximum speed of 60 km / h and a range of up to 50 kilometers by downhill 1,500 meters of elevation gain.

Three Pedaling Modes

The driver has a choice of three modes: it can pedal without assistance to drive the 28.5 kg of SEM Adventure to the sheer force of his muscles; use electric assistance without pedaling; combine both transmissions and pedal while accelerating.

The rest of the assembly is heavy enduro- oriented, with a 203 mm double-spoke fork, a 200 mm spring-loaded rear shock, and 27.5-inch wheels. The Adventure SEM costs 7.380 euros, which is obviously not given but still “reasonable” for a high-end electric ATV.