Air pollution: Google offers cities a tool to measure and reduce it

Currently available for 30 cities, including three in Europe, EIA ( Environmental Insights Explorer ) is aimed at both individuals and professionals to know the energy consumption of a city and real-time particle measurements. and CO2 emissions.

At the same time that the catastrophe of Rouen makes fear the worst for the population and the farmers that Google announces the launching of EIE ( Environmental Insights Explorer ), a free tool that makes it possible to obtain precise information on the emissions of CO 2 near home. Until then in beta for cities in South America and the United States, this online tool is enriched by three European cities: Dublin, Birmingham, and Manchester.

In practical terms, this online tool provides residents with official information such as polluting emissions from transport and buildings, and more generally from air quality.

It is especially for urban planning professionals that this tool is valuable because it makes it possible, for example, to obtain measurements on sunshine, but also to anticipate the energy consumption of a new building or a building. any other structure. Depending on the measures, a city may decide, or not, to build a school or nursery in such a place, or rather to consider a park and a bike path. The tool also proposes recommendations.