AlloCovid: artificial intelligence at the end of the phone to diagnose patients at Covid-19

Inserm has set up a national number on the model of a virtual assistant which makes it possible to carry out a first diagnosis by telephone and to guide possible patients of Covid-19. Artificial intelligence is at the heart of this service which has already demonstrated its efficiency and reliability in the Yvelines.

Designed by doctors, researchers, but also epidemiology experts, the AlloCovid service relies on artificial intelligence developed by Inserm (the National Institute of Health and Medical Research) to remotely diagnose possible infections with Covid-19 , and if cases are found, they will add to the database of infected people, while being directed to the most appropriate care service.

AlloCovid soon on WhatsApp

The principle remains the same: when you call, you answer a questionnaire for three minutes, and it is a virtual assistant who is responsible both for asking questions, but also for clarification. This is the main advantage of artificial intelligence since it allows us to go further in questioning according to the answers.

 For example, if we answer that we have a fever , the AI ​​will ask for the exact temperature, and the answer will be taken into account in the diagnosis. The AI ​​also adapts its questionnaire to the most vulnerable people, already suffering from a serious pathology , and Inserm also mentions a follow-up of these patients.

Before its national launch, with no less than 1,000 voice assistants, Inserm and its partners had tested this service with the SAMU of 78 , and a simple week will have demonstrated its effectiveness and above all its reliability, hence its widespread use. the whole territory, DOM-TOM included. The next step will be integration with WhatsApp , like the WHO tool , so that deaf and hard of hearing people can also access it.