Android 10: What’s new in the new beta?

The beta 2 of Android Q has just been released for Pixel smartphones. Google gently grazes the news. These are the ones that Futura has identified.

Less than a month after the release of beta 1, Google has released for Pixel smartphones, the beta 2 of the tenth version of its mobile operating system, called Android Q. The firm continues to unveil the news to the account -drop, preferring to keep some secret features while waiting for his Google I / O conference in early May and the presentation of a much more complete beta 3.

The main novelty for users is the addition of a multitasking system through the use of bubbles. It is simply the adoption of the bubble system of the Messenger application, now integrated into the system. This multitasking feature relies on the notification system and allows, for example, to display ongoing conversations over the current application without interrupting navigation.

Many small evolutions

Google has also updated its emulator, this time to take into account the new foldable smartphones. What allows developers to optimize their applications for these devices and reassure buyers who can quickly rely on Android- compatible applications.

In addition to these two great new features, Google has also incorporated many small improvements. Android Q should support microphone orientation functions, for example by using the front microphone (if available) for selfie videos. Sharing shortcuts are updated with a preview of the shared item.

The APIs evolve with the aim of using, ultimately, only public APIs. Finally, Google continues to implement gesture navigation. Now, you can switch between recent apps by simply sliding your finger on the Home button.


  • The beta version of Android Q is in approach.
  • The most used mobile OS will limit the exploitation of personal data.
  • Some smartphones will enjoy this unfinalized version.