Android notifications finally arrive on Windows 10

Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app for Android syncs mobile photos to Windows 10 and manages SMS from the computer. It has just been enriched by the display of all mobile notifications.

When you have the full panoply of the  Mac aficionado, namely an iPhone, an iPad, and a Mac, switching between different universes is done naturally. All data is automatically synced through iCloud and you can even reply to SMS and iMessages from your computer or tablet. With the couple PC and mobile Android, this possibility also exists, but it is necessary to go through applications and software third parties who are not necessarily easy to use and whose operation is sometimes chaotic.

But today, Microsoft is going a step further by facilitating the synchronization of data from Android with Windows 10. The computer giant has just updated its application “Your phone” for Android and Windows 10. It is no longer just the management of SMS, but also to display the photos of the Android smartphone and especially to display all notifications of it. This last option was tested since April for members of the Insider program and is now available to everyone from the Play Store and Windows Store apps.