Anti-coronavirus gloves that disinfect in 30 seconds

The Alsatian start-up Spinali Design has invented gloves treated with titanium dioxide which eliminate bacteria and viruses in the light of the sun or a UV lamp. A practical solution for all those who handle a lot of objects or who use public transport.

Wash your hands several times a day and as soon as you touch potentially contaminated objects. The deposit is already difficult to apply for everyone and turns to hell for professionals who handle objects all day, such as the police having to check identity documents, traders who exchange coins and of course the carers in nursing homes or hospitals. Between the hydroalcoholic gel which dries out the skin and disposable gloves which generate monumental waste, no solution is ideal.

The gloves are treated with titanium dioxide, which accelerates the photochemical degradation of viruses and bacteria.  © Spinali Design

Disinfected at lightning speed under natural or artificial light

The Alsatian start-up Spinali Design is now providing a practical answer, with gloves that disinfect naturally without washing or toxic products. The gloves are made of fabric treated with titanium dioxide , a catalyst that accelerates the destruction of pathogens by UV rays . “  UVC lamps destroy the DNA of bacteria and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 ,” describes Romain Spinali, the start-up’s innovation manager.

The DNA absorbs high levels of energy shortwave, creating new bonds with the moleculesadjacent cells and thus blocks the replication process and the infection power of viruses and bacteria ”. Thanks to the titanium dioxide particles, the reaction speed is multiplied by three. Exposed to the light nature of the sun , the gloves are disinfected in two to three minutes, and 99.99% of germs pathogens are cleared in less than 30 seconds by passing them under a UVC lamp vector. ”  You can thus decontaminate your gloves very quickly after having passed in the metro or having handled objects “, underlines Romain Spinali.

The gloves incorporate a sensor that indicates the time required for disinfection. ”  The sensor integrated into the gloves is linked to a mobile application which indicates when the UVC dose received in the sun or in artificial light is sufficient “, explains Romain Spinali. Best of all: these gloves are 100% French made and can be machine washed (including the sensor). They should be available at 59 euros, accompanied by the UVC lamp at 29 euros. But be careful, there is no question of running your hands directly under the lamp without the gloves, UV rays being harmful to the skin.

A specialist in wavelengths and smart textiles, Spinali Design is already behind a swimsuit that alerts you when you need to reapply sunscreen, vibrant jeans or a connected bandage that detects and cures infections.