Apple is preparing new keyboards for its Macs

Since its arrival in 2015 on different ranges of MacBook, the mechanism “butterfly” hidden under the keys has multiplied criticism and even returns for replacements. Apple has decided to return to the old formula called “scissors”.

“Butterfly”, “chiclet”, “membrane” or “scissors”? We are not in the middle of Shifumi but at the Computer Keyboard department for which there are several technologies under the keys. In this case, Apple has chosen since 2015 to trust a mechanism called “butterfly” on the MacBook.

But now, since his arrival, and despite some improvements for three years, complaints and grievances are multiplying on this machine that takes its name from the device in the form of wings. To the point that Apple has proposed to replace some keyboards and that, from now on, the company plans to abandon it outright.

Keys blocked, Character Repetitions

According to the information the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, which has become a reference on Apple projects, keyboards next MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will return to a scissor mechanism, more classic. From 2019, the next MacBook Air will benefit from this new keyboard. But why does the “butterfly” keyboard suffer as much criticism? Essentially because the very flat keys are depressed and the lack of rebound can cause character repetitions or even get stuck.

Another concern is the lack of space between the keyboard’s steel structure and the plastic key. Result, dust and other debris (eyelashes, hair, crumbs) can slip under the keys without it being possible to remove them because the mechanism is one piece, unlike the keys “scissors” which are composed of two small pieces. Their disadvantage? They are a little noisier, but some users prefer a good “click” to a muffled sound.