Apple Watch bracelets change color according to your clothes

After integrating the full set of features and technologies into his Apple Watch , the firm with the apple will focus on an often overlooked element: the bracelet. The proof with this patent filing unearthed by our peers Patently Apple . What do we discover?

Firstly, this bracelet could soon integrate, within the fabric itself, an assembly of light tubes, each containing at least one LED . These tubes, which go around the bracelet, are independent of each other, and by default, they will illuminate if necessary in the dark. Exactly like the ephemeral and phosphorescent bracelets that can be found in gadget shops or discotheque, but also like these armbands used by cyclists or runners, in the evening, to be seen by motorists.

Soon a camera on the wrist?

The interest on an Apple Watch is that these light tubes will also allow to give his bracelet to his clothes. According to the patent, an application will thus change the color according to a photo taken by the owner. A selfie with a red dress, and the bracelet will adapt its color. We can obviously change its color at will, according to his moods.

What we also learn is that Apple wants the bracelet is clearly the extension of his watch, from a technological point of view. Eventually, the manufacturer plans to stick a mini camera, which will avoid taking a picture so that the watch, alone, the color of his clothes. Better yet, the idea would be to integrate a biometric sensor similar to the fingerprint reader or Face ID. Thus, the watch would unlock with a system of recognition of the skin at the wrist.