Avira Free Security: the latest features to know

Avira, the publisher of security solutions and IT optimization, has just launched its latest version. On this occasion, Futura deciphers in detail the new interface and all the functionalities of the Avira Free Security security suite.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, Avira Free Security can be activated and operational with a single click. Today, threats from the web,  adware ,  spyware  and phishing attempts   are on the increase and can infiltrate all the  flaws  of our systems to steal data or intrude on our privacy.

It is for these kinds of situations that Avira Free Security is recommended in order to ensure the  confidentiality  of online activity, but also to optimize the performance of  PCs , with in-depth monitoring and fairly simple to set up.

The new Smart Scan function

Accessible to all users, the Smart Scan analysis tool is a feature that allows you to completely check  computers  and all the files they contain. It can thus combat security, confidentiality and performance problems. The user has an overview of the problems, but also solutions to solve them quickly.

Antivirus features

The system  antivirus  Avira provides effective protection against the complete and  ransomware , the  windows  advertising, spyware, hackers, phishing attempts,  rootkits , the  Trojans , the  virus  and all the malware and adware that threaten PCs.

The Avira Free Security suite also includes an additional module for  browsers . The Browser Safety tool blocks advertising inserts, prevents phishing attempts and alerts the user to suspicious sites.

The Smart Scan module identifies obsolete software and programs that need to be updated. Indeed, these missing updates can be potentially dangerous, and cause security breaches on the installed software.

Finally, the security of all connected devices and the Wi-Fi network   being a priority, the Home Guard system ensures permanent protection of the home Wi-Fi network. It can detect all authorized connected devices and those which try to connect without consent.