Back on the very big breakdown of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, Facebook is facing a large-scale outage that has blocked access for all users. Following this breakdown, a big wave of reactions followed around the world.

Indeed, the largest social network that has more than 2.3 billion users, explains that this problem came from Facebook servers that have dropped. The New York Times magazine has targeted the social network through a criminal investigation for the purpose of sharing personal data with other technology groups.

Servers have not kept pace with all these users.

In French time this bug appeared late Wednesday afternoon for more than twelve hours. Users have reported the first bugs: Can not connect, send photos or send messages. With the revenue generated by Facebook every day, the blackout would have cost Mark Zuckerberg’s business a total of $ 88 million.

Meanwhile on Twitter mocking Facebook

On Twitter, however, everything was going well, and the Twitter-sphere was quick to ignite the web. The #FacebookDown (Facebook planted) quickly rose in the evening. Same story on the side of Instagram and WhatsApp with some users who complained to see some features not working.

There was a lot of irony behind the tweets: some people said “I finally met my family” or some said “to be bored at work” Others were not in humor and complained about this problem in a fairly familiar language. A twitter said, “Everything Facebook holds breaks down.” The reason for this failure is not really known, but the firm at large “F” has definitely dismissed the attack “DDoS” and suspects an internal malfunction due to one of its servers.

It is high time that Facebook takes back the hair of the beast!