BankNot, malware that empties your bank account

Czech banks have found that money has disappeared from the accounts of some customers. In question, a Trojan horse that traps users on Android.

It is by creating fake tempting applications that hackers most often succeed in trapping users. Promon security experts warn of a flaw discovered in more than thirty applications for Android , since they integrate a Trojan horse , named Banknot . Its particularity, as its name suggests, is to steal the bank details of the user.

This Trojan horse is based on a vuneration known for almost three years, called StrandHogg in reference to the attacks of Vikings . It allows fake apps to pretend to be safe apps. Result, when asking permission to access certain functions of the smartphone (contacts, camera), the user does so without any particular fear. This is where the Trojan horse comes into action using an already well-known strategy for this phishing.

Malware Mimics Banking Application Form

“  Malicious activity diverts the task from the targeted function [by the user], explains the experts in their article.  The next time the target application is launched from the Launcher , the hijacked task will be brought to the fore and malicious activity will be visible. The malicious application will then only have to resemble the target application in order to successfully launch sophisticated attacks against the user. It is possible to divert such a task even before the target application has been installed . “

In this case, this involves imitating the connection form to its banking application to recover the login and password . Once the user enters his credentials, they are sent to the hackers’ server, who only have to use them to make transfers.

Banks in the Czech Republic alerted to this problem when they discovered that money had disappeared from customer accounts. To protect yourself, the best is to use a biometric identification system such as the fingerprint . Many banks are now integrating it, and it’s difficult, if not impossible, to get around.