Best Camera Apps for Android: Enhancing Your Photography Experience

In today’s digital age, smartphones have become an indispensable tool for capturing precious moments. However, the default camera apps on Android devices may not always provide the best features and functionalities to fulfill your photography needs. Thankfully, the Google Play Store offers a plethora of third-party camera apps that can enhance your photography experience on Android. In this article, we will explore some of the best camera apps for Android, highlighting their unique features and benefits.

Best Camera Apps for Android

Google Camera

Google Camera is a popular camera app developed by Google itself. It is known for its exceptional image quality and intuitive interface. The app comes with advanced features such as HDR+, Night Sight, and Portrait Mode, allowing you to capture stunning photos in various lighting conditions. With its powerful image processing capabilities, Google Camera ensures that every shot you take is of the highest quality.

Key features of Google Camera:

  • HDR+ for improved dynamic range in photos
  • Night Sight for capturing well-lit low-light shots
  • Portrait Mode for stunning bokeh effects
  • Lens Blur for creating a shallow depth-of-field effect
  • Panorama mode for capturing wide-angle shots

Open Camera

Open Camera is a feature-rich and open-source camera app that offers a wide range of manual controls and customization options. It is perfect for photography enthusiasts who prefer to have full control over their camera settings. With Open Camera, you can adjust parameters like ISO, exposure, white balance, and focus, enabling you to capture photos exactly the way you envision them.

Key features of Open Camera:

  • Manual controls for ISO, exposure, white balance, and more
  • Timer and burst mode for capturing multiple shots
  • Auto-stabilization for reducing camera shake
  • Configurable volume keys for various functions
  • Support for external microphones for enhanced audio recording

Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro is a professional-grade camera app that empowers filmmakers and videographers to capture high-quality videos using their Android devices. It offers extensive manual controls, including frame rates, resolutions, and audio options, giving you complete creative freedom while shooting videos. Filmic Pro is widely used by content creators, journalists, and aspiring filmmakers.

Key features of Filmic Pro:

  • Multiple frame rates and resolutions for cinematic video capture
  • Manual controls for focus, exposure, and white balance
  • Dual-channel audio recording for professional-grade sound
  • Live analytics to monitor audio levels and video exposure
  • Cinematographer Kit with tools like focus peaking and color profiles


ProShot is a versatile camera app that combines powerful manual controls with an intuitive interface. It offers DSLR-like features and functionality, allowing you to capture photos and videos with precision. ProShot supports RAW capture, enabling you to retain maximum image quality and post-processing flexibility.

Key features of ProShot:

  • Manual controls for exposure, ISO, focus, and white balance
  • RAW and JPEG capture for maximum image quality
  • Time-lapse and slow-motion video recording
  • Burst mode for capturing fast-action shots
  • Customizable grid overlays and histogram for precise composition


VSCO is a popular camera app that combines photography tools with a social platform for sharing and discovering creative content. It offers a wide range of preset filters and editing tools to enhance your photos. VSCO also provides a community of like-minded photographers, where you can showcase your work and find inspiration from others.

Key features of VSCO:

  • Beautiful preset filters for instant photo enhancement
  • Advanced editing tools for fine-tuning your images
  • Access to VSCO’s curated feed of inspiring photography
  • Ability to share your photos within the VSCO community
  • Discover and follow other photographers for inspiration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I use these camera apps on any Android device? Yes, these camera apps are compatible with most Android devices. However, certain advanced features may require specific hardware capabilities.
  2. Are these camera apps free to download? All the camera apps mentioned in this article offer a free version with limited features. However, they also provide in-app purchases or premium subscriptions for unlocking additional functionalities.
  3. Can I use these camera apps alongside the default camera app on my Android device? Yes, you can install and use these camera apps as standalone applications on your Android device. They do not interfere with the default camera app and can coexist peacefully.
  4. Do these camera apps require a significant amount of storage space? Camera apps typically require a moderate amount of storage space to store photos and videos. However, the exact space required may vary depending on your usage and the app’s settings.
  5. Are these camera apps compatible with external lenses or accessories? Yes, most of these camera apps support external lenses or accessories, allowing you to expand the capabilities of your Android device’s camera.
  6. Can I shoot professional-quality videos using these camera apps? Yes, certain camera apps like Filmic Pro and ProShot offer advanced video recording features and manual controls, enabling you to capture professional-grade videos.

By exploring the best camera apps for Android, you can unlock a world of creative possibilities and take your photography skills to the next level. Whether you are a casual photographer, a videography enthusiast, or an aspiring filmmaker, these apps offer a range of features and functionalities to cater to your specific needs. Download and try out these camera apps to transform your Android device into a powerful photography tool.