Chrome 76 is now available, here are all the News

Among the important new features in version 76, the Google Chrome browser creates a real private browsing mode impossible to detect by websites.

Much of the site’s web will hate the new version of Google Chrome. This 76 th of publishing browser makes a vital new: a true navigation mode incognito. In fact, the current option that can be activated by combining the Ctrl, Shift and N keys is not as confidential as this for the user. While cookies, history and form information are disabled, this does not prevent sites from tracking you.

To achieve this, they can detect that the browser works in private mode and, in this case, they can restrict access to content in return. This is also the case in the United States and a little less so in France. To identify that the private mode is active, they query the API FileSystem which is used to record navigation data (cookies, history …). In private browsing mode, it is disabled. This has the effect of delivering to the site an error code which means that the browser is in incognito mode.

Chrome 76 fooled the sites

For version 76 of Chrome, the new browser will trap the sites by creating in RAM a file temporarily saving the data. With this faint, the site will not be able to detect the private browsing mode. At the end of the navigation, the RAM is then purged and the data eliminated. On the side of the sites, the problem is that in France, very many sites of French information offer the reading of some articles before imposing a subscription. For these, it will no longer be possible to count the visits before blocking. The counter will be systematically reset at each visit.

Other new features include the total blocking of Flash components. Whereas previously a message allowed to reactivate them on demand, this is no longer the case. However, it remains possible to redisplay this message by changing the settings. Finally, if the visited site has a service application via the browser (a  Progressive Web Apps ), a + button appears in the Chrome address bar to launch it. Chrome 76 is available now for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac.