Chromium Edge arrives Wednesday on Windows 10

It is on January 15 that Microsoft will say goodbye to its Edge browser which has never convinced users. Instead, Windows 10 users will see Chromium Edge, a browser-based on the same engine as Chrome and Opera, appear. The update will be automatic.

This Wednesday, January 15 will mark a turning point in the life of Windows 10 since this date will coincide with the end of the original version of Edge, based on the EdgeHTML engine. The browser built into Windows 10 was to replace Internet Explorer, but it did not have the expected success. Microsoft has therefore followed in the footsteps of Google Chrome and Opera browsers, to create a brand new version of Edge based on the free Chromium project.

Microsoft had already announced the release of this new version for January 15 but has since confirmed that all users will receive the new Edge based on Chromium through an update. It will be done automatically on all computers using at least version 1803 of Windows 10 Home or Pro, and should delete the old browser.

A mandatory update for individuals

Microsoft has, however, planned a tool, called Blocker Toolkit, which will allow companies to block the update to keep the old version of Edge, but has not provided an equivalent solution for the general public. This new browser has its own logo, different from the previous Edge logo, which will allow it to be better distinguished.

Edge, based on Chromium, should bring a better web experience for users, the vast majority of websites already being optimized for Google Chrome, they should be displayed identically in the new browser from Microsoft. In addition, it should quickly have a large catalog of extensions, the browser being compatible with those for Google Chrome without modifications in most cases.