Coronavirus: Samsung cleans your smartphone with ultraviolet

In its stores, Samsung offers an ultraviolet-based process to eliminate all traces of infection on mobile phones.

While Apple’s side took care to close all of its Apple Store except in China, where the epidemic of Covid-19 is stabilized, Samsung still leaves the door open for shopping. The Korean, whose country seems to be stemming the development of infections, in its own way fights against the spread by offering a disinfection service for smartphones in its shops.

Called Galaxy Sanitizing Service, this free service which is already available in Samsung stores in Malaysia uses UV-C diffusing lamps to eliminate viruses and another bacteria.which swarm on our mobiles. We already knew that mobiles carried seven times more microbes than a toilet bowl, but what we learned from Covid-19 is that it can remain active for up to nine days on metal surfaces. , glass or plastic that makes up smartphones.