Dyson gives up his electric car

The company announced that it was abandoning its electric car project initiated in 2017 because it could not define a viable business model, she says. Dyson explains that it wants to reuse part of the technologies used, particularly for solid-state batteries.

We will not know what could have looked like the electric car of Dyson. The UK firm specializing in household appliances, and especially vacuum cleaners, has just formalized the total shutdown of the project, explaining that it failed to make it commercially viable.

Dyson had announced plans to build an electric car by the end of 2017. Design and engineering were to be 100% ”  made by Dyson “. The company was working on two solid-state battery technologies, including the young Sakti3, which it acquired in 2015. The commercialization of the Dyson car was planned for 2021.

A “fantastic car”

”  The Dyson Automotive team has designed a fantastic car. However, while we have put a lot of effort into the development process, we just can not make it commercially viable,  ” says James Dyson, founder, and CEO of the company.

He adds that an attempt to sell the project has given nothing. However, according to him, ”  it is not a product failure, or a failure of the team, for whom this news will be difficult to hear and digest. Their accomplishments have been immense given the enormity and complexity of the project. “

Dyson promises to reassign most of the employees of the automotive unit within the group and to support those who can not or will not stay in the company. In addition, the company plans to continue the development and commercial exploitation of some of the technologies to apply them to its other product lines. James Dyson cites in particular solid-state batteries, detection technologies, vision systems, robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.