eBussy, the electric combi that can be transformed at will

Sometimes minibus, mini camper van, pickup, van, the eBussy is an astonishing electric vehicle based on a modular concept that the manufacturer promises to be as easy to handle as Lego bricks. Its launch is scheduled for next year.

ElectricBrands, a German company that makes a model of scooter and electric scooter, may have created the Volkswagen Transporter T2 XXI th century. The glaringly resemblance eyes when you discover its concept called eBussy , with its large round headlights and mask before totally flat. But more than an aesthetic affiliation, it is the adventurous and multi-purpose spirit that this electric vehicle promotes, which would make it a worthy successor to the good old VW combi .

ElectricBrands has in fact devised a modular system that allows the eBussy to be transformed at will according to needs. Thanks to a module system whose layout simplicity is compared to that of Lego bricks, it can become a single or double cab pickup , minibus, mini dump truck, van or mini motorhome with double berth and kitchenette . In short, an electric vehicle that is both utility and recreational which, promises ElectricBrands, will be made from 98% recyclable materials.

Up to 1 ton payload

The design is based on two chassis bases, one for urban use, the other for off-road use. In both cases, the motor is provided by four 15 kW electric motors integrated into the hubs. The announced torque is 1,000 Nm and the maximum speed is 90 km / h. The 72 V lithium ion battery varies from 10 to 30 kW / h depending on the configuration chosen and offers between 200 and 800 km of autonomy when empty and between 150 and 600 km when the full load capacity, which ranges from 400 kg to 1 ton, is used. ElectricBrands adds that eBussy will be equipped with photovoltaic cells and an energy recovery system which will allow it to generate a daily range of up to 200 km.

For the moment, eBussy is still at the concept stage, it is quite exciting. ElectricBrands announces a base price of 15,800 euros and 28,800 euros for the mini motorhome configuration which will be the most expensive. As with any project of this nature, which has not yet entered its operational phase with viable financing and a viable industrial model, caution is required. ElectricBrands offers interested customers to pay a deposit of 1,000 euros to make a reservation. If all goes according to plan, the first eBussy are supposed to be delivered from next year.