Effectively reduce our carbon footprint with this app

Our CO2 emissions are constantly increasing. The observation is made. It remains to be seen what we will now be able to do to effectively reduce our carbon footprint. And precisely, three young entrepreneurs are now offering us an application intended to support our evolution towards more sustainable behaviors. Alexis Normand, CEO of Greenly, explains the concept to us.

Greenly is the name given to a mobile application that automatically measures the carbon footprint of our expenses. And it rewards virtuous behavior. An essentially moral reward for the time being. But that should soon take the form of real financial benefits.

Alexis Normand: You download our application and link it to your bank card using secure technology approved by the Banque de France. Then, each time you make a purchase, the application tells you about its ecological footprint . It converts your expenses into the quantity of CO 2 emitted. Let’s say you’re refueling. According to the data – from the French Environment and Energy Management Agency ( Ademe ) in this case – one euro spent is equivalent to an emission of 1.93 kg of CO 2 . It is then easy, for the application, to display the carbon footprint of your operation.

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Alexis Normand: Our figures are based on public data. Works from the ADEMA or World Bank Agency , scientific articles or CSR reports from companies, for example.

Each expense is classified according to its nature – whether it be food or a textile purchase, an electricity bill or a theater ticket – and even the brands in which purchases could be made. Our goal is to arrive at the most accurate data possible.

Alexis Normand: In a second step, the application informs you that if you took the train to get around – the TGV more so – it would only cost you 40 grams of CO 2 per euro spent. A substantial saving.

Greenly will probably make you discover that changing your electricity supplier today can have as big an impact on your carbon footprint as if you stopped eating meat. But with much less effort on your part.

Alexis Normand: We are convinced of it. And we are not trying to make consumers feel guilty. Only to show them how small actions can get things done. There is no need to be heroic to save the planet.

We believe that if we provide consumers with reliable information on the carbon footprint of a particular brand, they will choose to turn to the most virtuous brands. And, by ripple effect, will thus encourage others to make efforts to reduce their ecological impact. Enough to bring the whole system into a sort of virtuous circle.

Alexis Normand: For those who are not satisfied with a reduction in their carbon footprint, we have implemented, in partnership with EcoAct, the possibility of financing projects aimed at accelerating the ecological transition. The installation of wind turbines in India to replace coal-fired power plants or projects to save the Amazon rainforest, for example.

Alexis Normand: Today, we must recognize that they are purely moral. Greenly gives you good points when you consume sustainably. But we intend, tomorrow, to implement a real financial advantage in cashback for users who choose the most sustainable brands. The adventure is just beginning