Electric bike: Ducati drives the point home with three foldable eBikes

After a versatile electric bike for the city and the roads, Ducati continues its foray into the pedelec niche with three foldable models, including one designed by the Giugiaro studio.

Ducati seems determined to make its mark on the electric bike market . After a trekking model called e-Scrambler , the Italian firm has just announced no less than three new foldable electric bikes: Ducati Urban-E, Scrambler SCR-E and Scrambler SCR-E Sport. And while the foldable design doesn’t often rhyme with style , these models do have a rather seductive look.

The Scrambler SCR-E is aimed at fans of fat bikes and small beach bikes.  © Ducati

One of them, the Urban-E, was even designed by the Giugiaro studio. It refers to Ducati’s motorcycle DNA  with its 378 Wh battery integrated in a red imitation tank which inflates the upper tube. The general line is rather refined, the front light separated in two by the steering tube and the integrated rear fender also evoking the brand’s cars . The electric motor, the power of which Ducati does not specify, is integrated into the rear hub and the bike has a fork. The autonomy of Urban-E has not yet been communicated.

70 to 80 km of autonomy

It then passes Scrambler SCR-E which plays a more muscular register and terrain with its big tires typed fat-bike 20×4 inches. What to face paths and tracks for those looking for a more versatile bike . Its 374 Wh battery provides up to 70 km. Small refinement, the rear light is integrated into the seat tube in the form of LEDs LED which are activated automatically by a sensor of luminosity accommodated in the display LCD .

Finally comes the Scrambler SCR-E Sport which offers a full suspension geometry with a spring-loaded rear shock absorber, road-type tires and a range of 80 km thanks to its 468 Wh battery. It is now available from Ducati dealers, such as the Scrambler SCR-E while the Urban-E will not arrive until October. Prices have not yet been released.