Electric bike: Yamaha replicates to Bosch with two new engines

A pioneer in electric cycling, Yamaha introduced two new engines for ATVs and VTCs.

Yamaha is with Bosch and Shimano the brand of motors for electric bikes most represented today. A few weeks after the German brand presented it’s new 2020, Yamaha follows suit with two engines: the PW-X2 will equip enduro and all-mountain bikes; the PW-ST that we should find on VTC and ATV less typical mountain, for mixed-use.

The PW-X2 delivers 250 W in five modes, with a torque of 70 up to 80 Nm when entering the “Extra Power” mode. As always, the couple assistance from 25 km / h. There is a version PW-X2 45 for Speed ​​Pedelec bicycles that delivers 500 W and operates up to 45 km / h. The PW-X2 gained 380 grams compared to the first model, thanks to the adoption of a heavier axle, a gear, and a sump. As a result, the overall volume of the engine was reduced by 13% and the mill displayed 3.1 kilograms on the scale. Yamaha announces 50% additional power delivered at 100 rpm compared to the PW.

Automatic adjustment of assistance

The PW-ST also delivers 250W but is heavier (3.4kg) and less performance-oriented. His torque does not exceed 70 Nm and he does not offer the mode “Extra Power”. On the other hand, both engines benefit from Quad Sensor technology and automatic mode. With four sensors that monitor the bike’s angle, speed, torque, and cadence, the system automatically adjusts the power assistance according to the road profile, switching from eco mode to flat to standard mode. a slightly upward profile to the high mode for “assholes”.

To power these engines, Yamaha offers a range of 400, 500 and 600 Wh batteries that can be integrated into different parts of the frame or rack. Just find out which electric bike manufacturers will opt for these Yamaha engines. We should know a little more at the next Roc d’Azur in October.