Facebook forbids Live to the people who spread hatred

As promised after the killing of Christchurch, Facebook has decided to reinforce the measures against the broadcast and live to share of violent images. The Facebook Live tool will be prohibited to people who violate social network security rules.

“It was a horrible act, tragic for New Zealand and for the whole world, which shocked us all. And facing this broadcast of this video – 17 minutes is too much, thirty seconds is too much, a second is too much. Of course, you have to make decisions.

“The president of Facebook France, Laurent Solly confirmed this morning, the microphone of  France Info, the social network has taken steps to prevent a video like a massacre in Christchurch is filmed live again, then shared on his system.

First active decision: the Facebook Live tool can now be suspended for those who ”  would have violated our most sensitive and strict security rules,” continues Laurent Solly. Specifically, someone who has already posted or shared a violent image or video, or who subscribes to a page that has already received warnings, will no longer be able to use Facebook Live.

Three universities responsible for creating an intelligent censorship tool

On the Facebook blog, a leader of the social network speaks of a blockage and not a definitive ban on those who are linked to “organizations and dangerous individuals” as was the case of the terrorist in New Zealand.

Another measure taken by Facebook, again related to the killing of Christchurch: the hunt for manipulated images and editing prohibited images. Even though Facebook had blocked the terrorist’s video, it was still possible to find excerpts in the middle of other videos.

 To identify them, Facebook has asked researchers and engineers at the universities of Maryland, Cornell, and Berkeley to put tools in place to detect violent and objectionable content hidden in images, video and even sounds. The artificial intelligence will undoubtedly at the heart of these detection systems to allow, as quickly as possible, to censor content.