Facebook Messenger allows you to know who you were chatting with

If the Facebook company had to have an anthem, Britney Spears hit should have a good place. Facebook Messenger was discovered a major security hole by a security group that could reveal who you are talking to.

Facebook Messenger data theft

2019 must be the year of redemption for the social network Facebook. For the moment, it seems bad starting with this new information that has just been revealed. Facebook Messenger had a significant security breach that jeopardized your personal data as well as that of your loved ones. It is now filled.

Facebook Messenger victim browsers on the net

The US cybersecurity company, Imperva, revealed last week that it had discovered a major security hole in the instant messaging application. If you own the mobile app, whether Android or iOS, rest assured, you are not concerned by this flaw. Indeed, the flaw was found within the Web version via Google Chrome. The operation of the breach was as follows.

A malicious person sent a malicious link to the person he is trying to hack. The goal is to encourage him to click to discover a video or even a photo. If you bite the hook, the hacker could then retrieve a lot of personal data and even with whom you spoke. That’s not all since the hacker could also know which pages you may have liked.

In the end, the problem does not come from Facebook Messenger but rather from the management made by Google and internet browsers. Facebook has therefore invited the people concerned to fix such problems. As a reminder, it is important for Mark Zuckerberg’s company to solve this sort of thing. Indeed, the latter aims to focus on private exchanges between users.