Facebook ready to remove content Against Polio

Facebook ready to remove content against polio in Pakistan Pakistani officials say that the popular website of social media is prepared to remove material from all of its platforms against polio, which led to misleading anti-polio campaign information, and people avoiding drops of children. Were there

According to the international news agency, Prime Minister’s anti-polio campaigner Babar Atta said that the established global team for the content of the material had assured Pakistan that they would give Pakistan full support in the fight against polio.

This announcement made facebook during the video conference. The Conference was also attended by the World Head of Health and the UN Head of UNFIL or UNICEF head.

Babar Atta, a prime minister of the Prime Minister, said that in Peshawar, we saw that rumor would spread like a fire in the forest, but he would prefer to prevent the wrong information.

Babar Atta said that the decision is about to remove Facebook content. Facebook is also taking seriously polio eradication. We will work closely with the social media site for action on propaganda content but I will take Google’s silence on this issue to the World Health Organization, UNICEF, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and CDC’s global leadership. Will be

Remember that in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa last month, some people spread the polio drops from which since then social circulation started circulating that the deaths of children were due to the polio drops.