Fairphone 3 decides to do without Google

It is not because of an American embargo that the Fairphone 3 abandons Google services but by activism. Explanations.

The Dutch company Fairphone has had the ambition to offer virtuous smartphones in terms of sustainability , ecology and ethics for years. The company pays great attention to the working conditions in the mining operations which are necessary for the manufacture of mobiles. 

Its latest model, the Fairphone 3 has been available since last summer. Today, still in the same activist vein, the brand offers a new  operating system devoid of Google services . Recall that when it was released, the Fairphone 3 was equipped with what is called a fork of Android. Called Fairphone Open, it gave access to all Google services.

Today, Fairphone has partnered with e Foundation to offer / e / OS, an open source version of Android based on the LineageOS fork. The system has its own application store . Depending on the trackers they host, they are even noted on respect for privacy.

The choice of a life without Google

This intention to lead a life without Google, is reminiscent of the mishap of Huawei with its new range of P40 banned from Google because of the embargo decided by the United States against the Chinese manufacturer. Lately Futura has seen, oh how much, a world without Google changes habits enormously. There are not, in fact, only the Google services that are missing, but very many applications that call in one way or another for the services of the American firm.

Unlike the case of Huawei, for Fairphone, with its activism policy, the targeted target will certainly appreciate getting rid of the Internet giant . Virtue nevertheless costs a little more, because it will cost 29.90 euros more to be able to take advantage of / e / OS on the Fairphone 3 usually marketed 450 euros. However, it is already possible to migrate for free the version of the mobile linked to Google services, to this privacy-friendly OS.