Firefox Send proposes to transfer your big files for free

Free and very easy to use, Firefox Send can share up to 1 GB of data from its browser. With a Firefox account, you can go up to 2.5 GB and enjoy many security options.

How to send large files since emails allow only a few MB? There are several solutions and one of the most practical is to use a service like WeTransfer. Instantly, it allows you to download one or more large files in the cloud to make them available to a colleague or a relative, and even several people. Hard to do more practical.

Known for its Firefox browser and its Thunderbird messaging software, the Mozilla Foundation has decided to tackle this niche with the launch of its own Firefox Send file sharing service. It’s available to everyone, and you do not have to use Firefox to use it. We have tried it successfully in Chrome and Safari.

Options to secure sending and receiving

By default, and without any registration, you can transfer up to 1GB, in one file. Everything is secure and you can even add a password so that the link can not fall between malicious spirits. This limit can be bypassed by creating a Firefox account. It’s free, and it can send up to 2.5 GB. For comparison, the free version of WeTransfer is limited to 2 GB. Another advantage of having an account: we can set a time of expiration, from a few minutes to a week, but also limit the number of downloads. An extra way to prevent your shared files from falling into the wrong hands.