Gem, an all-length smartphone created by Android’s father

Project Gem. This is the name of the future smartphone signed Andy Rubin, the former Google leader, inventor of Android. The design goes against the grain of everything with a long screen that looks like a remote control rather than a mobile phone.

It was thought buried but the Essential project still exists. Launched by the inventor of Android, Andy Rubin, this smartphone of a new kind wanted to revolutionize the market two years ago; the next version will be called Gem. Its particularity is multiple.

First, there is the design since the first shots show a model all in length. Clearly, we are closer to a remote control than a smartphone. On the screen, multiple applications coexist and it reminds the system tiles of light  Windows Phone. A priori, only the essential functions (Messages, Photos, Maps …) would be on the home screen.

The role of the voice assistant

Nothing is known about the size of the screen, but the fingerprint reader is on the back and there are buttons on the slices of the device. We also note that the photosensor is very bulky and that it could be problematic in the pocket or to put it on a desk or a table. But in the end, so it is very traditional compared to the first version that worked with independent modules.

To learn more about the configuration,  The Verge reveals that members of XDA-Developers have managed to get their hands on some secrets. First, the smartphone would run on Android, and it’s amazing since Rubin was planning to develop its own OS. Then it would integrate a chip midrange, a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 730, and the voice assistant would activate with a button on the back of the unit. For availability, no clue, however, but Rubin promised to give details regularly.