How to Get Links

(1)—> First go to one of our sites to search the courses you need and go to the course page of a selected course. If you already have a course link (which is the long link, not the short link – check step 2 if needed), then proceed to step 3.

(2)—> Get the Long URL on the address bar. Do not use a short link like You can get the long links from the short link by loading the short link page on the browser and wait until fully loaded, and then copy the URL from the address bar.

Example long link:

(3)—> Paste the URL in the below form and Click the “Generate Links” button for each link you try (This is important! Do not just hit Enter key on keyboard). Try each link and see which one works. Probably one from the list should work. If not, contact us with our site course URL (not the official link). So we can check manually and fix.

No links generated yet.