Google Chrome is redesigning favorites and tabs in the new version

Chrome developers will change the tab options but also work on a new notifications system to display site updates or new messages received in their webmail.

After focusing on extensions, display speed, and security, the Chrome developers decided to attack the tabs. Become tabs daily, tabs allow to surf multiple sites at the same time, but Google has discovered that people do not use the options available to them.

According to BleepingComputer, which reports data collected by developers, less than 9% use the Reopen closed tab option, less than 7% use the Open a new tab option, and 2% use the  Close other tabs option. This is a very confidential use, and version 78 of Chrome, currently under development, would sound the death knell of its various functions with a menu less rich in options. A way to gain in ergonomics and simplicity.

An approach notification system

Always about tabs, but also favorites, the developers are currently testing a function that could be very convenient. This is to display the updates of the open or present pages among the favorites. How? ‘Or’ What? Simply with a small pellet that indicates the number of articles or unread messages, depending on the sites concerned. It is very discreet and it avoids returning several times to a page to see if there have been updates. We think of email (Gmail, Hotmail), Twitter or Facebook.

According to Chrome Story, it should also be active for web apps. A concept already presents on a smartphone but also on some sites like Facebook with notification bubbles that display for example the number of unread messages.