Google I/O: the most anticipated ads

From Tuesday to Thursday, May 9, it’s the Google I / O event in San Francisco where many announcements are planned like the arrival of the new Android, new smartphones, a screen for the home.

It is this Tuesday, May 7th that the Google I / O conference begins in the United States. It brings together developers around the firm’s products for three days.

The event starts with a keynote, the occasion for the CEO Sundar Pichai to present the new products of Google, as well as the evolutions of the various services of the firm. What should we expect from this presentation? The multiple leaks and rumors in recent months can anticipate the ads.

Google Pixel 3a: two mid-range smartphones

The most awaited announcement is undoubtedly that of the new mid-range smartphones.

Baptized for now Google Pixel 3a, these are more economical versions of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Both devices will incorporate a 5.6-inch OLED display for the 3A Pixel or 6-inch Pixel 3A XL.

Count 4 GB of RAM, 32 or 64GB of storage and a processor Snapdragon 670. They would keep the first camera module 12 megapixel pixels 3, providing excellent quality shots. At this point, the only real unknown is the price.

Nest Hub Max: a home automation screen

Google is expected to announce its new home connected control center. The company has so far been offering its Home Hub, a 7-inch smart screen, but this time it has entrusted the manufacturing to its Nest subsidiary to provide a new version. The Nest Hub Max will be a 10-inch bright screen, incorporating a Nest security camera. It will integrate stereo speakers for music and video calls.

Beta 3 of Android Q

Google has already released two beta versions of Android Q a month apart, so it makes sense to expect a presentation of beta three during the conference. 

Beta testers were able to discover a new multitasking system thanks to the use of bubbles, better management of the authorizations of the applications and navigation by gestures. The latest version should be much more complete, with perhaps a dark theme, a PC mode and even a secure face recognition like Apple’s Face ID.

Google Stadia: a gaming platform

The firm could take advantage of the keynote to launch its new Google Stadia game platform. Rather than compete with PlayStation or Xbox with new hardware, Google plans to turn any device into a game console. The service will use cloud computing to run games, streamed to PC, tablet, smartphone or even TV.