Google Maps activates augmented reality to better guide you

Google has announced the beta availability of its new augmented reality navigation feature in the coming days.

Google announced at the beginning of the year a new alpha version of Google Maps, limited access open to users of Google Pixel and local Google Maps guides. This version contained an augmented reality navigation function called ”  Live View.

It is through his blog that Google has announced the availability in the beta of Live View for all users, or almost. It will indeed have an Android or iOS device that supports ARCore and ARKit, the augmented reality engine on which this function is based. The firm has published a list listing all compatible devices.

Navigation in augmented reality

The goal of the Live View is to make it easier to use the routes with Google Maps and in particular to better orient oneself in order to avoid turning back if we make a mistake. The application uses Augmented Reality, like the Pokémon Go game, to display the directions on the screen over the real world image. Just point the camera of his smartphone to a street to see if it is the right direction to take.

Google did not give a deployment schedule for the update, just mentioning that they are extending the beta “this week” without specifying whether it will be available simultaneously in all languages ​​and in all markets. It will, therefore, monitor the presence of a new version of Google Maps in the coming days.