Google Pixel 4, a smartphone capable of photographing the sky?

A promotional video stolen from the next Google smartphone puts forward an improved “night” mode that would allow photographing the stars. It will be necessary to wait until October to have the confirmation.

While Apple is about to unveil its new iPhone, leaks continue on the Pixel 4 that Google should announce in October. This time, it is a video, apparently promotional, that feeds the rumors. What do we see in this sequence unearthed by 9to5Google?

First, gesture navigation made possible by the Soli radar. This is an unprecedented feature, and Google seems to make it a shocking argument for his campaign. We then see the smartphone itself with its sensors placed in a square on the backside. The opportunity for Google to put in advance the artificial intelligence of his Assistant, able to search for photos and send them to contacts.

A smartphone in the stars

About photos, and this is the novelty of this video, Google puts forward the mode “night” of his future device. It was already very powerful and the manufacturer promises improvements; he goes even further by hinting that it will be possible to take the sky in pictures. This is currently the big weak point of smartphones that, without optical zoom, can not allow photographing the Moon or the stars.

There, it seems that Google allows it, and watching the video, it could well be using Google Lens. One can imagine that Lens is responsible for recognizing the constellation and artificially adding the stars to the photo. Unless it is the integration of an application dedicated to night photos, developed since 2017.