Google Play Protect constantly improving on Android

Possessing leadership in the Android operating system, Google is working on application protection. Google Play Protect is showing this with significant progress in terms of protection. in terms of protection on Android mobiles.

The Google Play Protect mobile app scans every day about 50 billion apps per day on more than 2 billion Android devices.

The goal is to offer you security at all times. The progress is significant since it was observed a fall of mobile victims of malware during the year 2018.

Google Play Protect offers great security enhancements

The security of the Android operating system is a major problem for Google, which is aware of the constraints it imposes on it. In a report that was recently published by the firm, downward statistics were observed compared to the previous year. 

Indeed, in 2018 only 0.08% of devices running Android have been the victim of malware. In comparison, those who go through third-party launchers suffered 0.68%. These statistics do not take into account the effectiveness and use of its Google Play Protect feature.

As for Android smartphones that work with the Play Protect feature the numbers are drastically different. The Play Store built-in feature includes a 20% decrease in malware victim devices. Indeed, according to the firm the figures went from 0.57 to 0.45%. 

The conclusion that is drawn for the firm of Mountain View is a “sanitation of the Android ecosystem” with its tool. Why does it work? 

This is thanks to regular updates of the Android operating system. Google updates its OS almost every year, but the firm of Mountain View finds that Android phones with an earlier version of Android are more likely to be affected.