Google releases an enigmatic first glimpse of Pixel 4

After many rumours and leaks, Google slice by publishing a photo of the design of the Pixel 4 to orchestrate his arrival.

Hole in the screen for selfies, first leaks images by the very informed @Onleaks. It’s been weeks that rumours and so-called leaks circulate around the next pixel 4. To cut short these assumptions and master the buzz, Google has taken care to publish the photo of his next smartphone featured via his Twitter account. With a choice of dark hues, it does not reveal everything, but you can get an idea of ​​the design and especially the back of the device.

With this shot, it’s hard to know if the Pixel 4 will actually have a hole in the screen for its selfie module. However, it will be noted, on the back of the mobile, the absence of the sensor of the fingerprint . This one should be deported under the surface of the screen, as it is the case for more and more premium mobiles, like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro or the  OnePlus 7 and its predecessor.

Google switches to two photosensors

Until now, the various hypotheses implied that the mobile would look like the next iPhone XI. His back would be virtually similar to a square photo module on the top side. If this is indeed the case, the blow is tough for Apple who sees himself cut off the effect of surprise.

For the rest, in the photo released by Google, we actually find this module with two sensors, a flash and probably an infrared sensor, unless it is an additional photosensor. While the unique Pixel 3 photo module is already working miracles while manufacturers such as Huawei, Samsung and LG are multiplying them, Futura is eager to know what will be the renderings with these two or three sensors.