Google Stadia promises 4K video game at 10€ per month

Google has released the details of its future video game streaming service, Stadia, which will be available from November, including France. It will consist of a paid version at 9.99 euros per month offering ultra HD quality and a free version 1.080p to which all customers who buy their games on Stadia will be able to access.

Google’s offensive in the video game is becoming clearer. The web giant held a press conference to deliver details on its Stadia streaming video game service. It will be available in November in a paid version called Stadia Pro at 9.99 euros per month, without commitment. Fourteen countries will have the first launch, including France.

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With Stadia, Google intends to offer near-instant access to all kinds of games from any screen: PC desktop or laptop (from the browser Chrome), smartphone, tablet or TV  via Chromecast dongle.

With Stadia Pro, Google says it can deliver 60-fps Ultra-HD display quality to subscribers with Internet speeds of 35Mbps, 4K-compatible TVs and Chromecast Ultra. Players with the proper audio installation will also enjoy 5.1 surround sound. In addition, Stadia Pro will regularly provide access to free games as well as exclusive discounts.

Already 30 games announced on Stadia

To mark the launch, Google now offers a pre-order Founder’s Edition package including a Chromecast Ultra, a Stadia Blue Night controller (limited edition), a three-month subscription to Stadia Pro, a three-month pass to offer a friend, and the possibility to book his nickname Stadia. The toy library in Stadia already has around thirty flagship titles, including  Destiny 2, Metro Exodus, Final Fantasy XV, NBA 2K,  Borderlands, Assassin ‘s Creed Odyssey and  Ghost Recon Breakpoint. And Google promises that this catalog will be enriched later this summer.

If all these announcements confirm what the Mountain View firm had suggested during the presentation of Stadia last March, there is also a surprise: a free version of the service named Stadia Base. It will arrive next year and will be accessible to any player who will buy a title on the platform. With such an offer, Google hits a big blow against the competition that may have to align to play against.