Google: the voice assistant will be 10 times faster!

Siri’s competitor and Alexa will no longer need the cloud to answer the questions you ask aloud on your smartphone, and the demonstration is bluffing. It’s almost real time, and it happens by the end of the year on pixels, Google phones.

Like its three competitors Alexa of Amazon, Apple’s Siri and Cortana of Microsoft, Google Assistant must now pass the top step, from the gadget stage to that of a function that improves productivity.

For this, Google has chosen to bet on. speed and the next version presented this week, promises a speed of response ten times faster.

How to achieve this feat? Only by storing the data in the smartphone, and no longer in the cloud. When asked a question, the Assistant no longer needs to connect online to give the weather or the news of the day, since everything is stored on the phone.

No more need to send his requests and his voice on Google servers. The little extra feat is that the space occupied on the phone is relatively low with 500 MB of storage space needed. On models that can satisfy dozens of GB, it remains little.

We can chain orders and questions

In both demonstrations put online by Google, there are also two important new features. First, it is possible to chain orders without repeating “OK Google” every time, and it’s called “continuous discussion.

” Which, at the same time, can multiply tasks like opening the calendar and the calculator, while asking the smartphone to take a selfie.

Or respond to an SMS by asking the Assistant to choose a specific photo, and add a text. All in a very natural way without having to articulate. Moreover, voice dictation is also faster, and emails and SMS will be even quicker to dictate and send.

For availability, it will first be booked “later in the year” to Pixel, Google’s home smartphones.