Google Translate: real-time transcription is coming!

Google has just started deploying a new transcription function in its Google Translate application on Android. It will now be possible to obtain in real time the transcription of a speech, translated into one of the eight languages ​​announced.

Google is constantly improving its translation system, the results of which have clearly improved since the integration of artificial intelligence . The firm has just announced the deployment on Android of a new AI-based translation function: real-time transcription . From now on, it will be possible to follow a speech in a foreign language, which will be translated and transcribed directly on your smartphone .

Google Translate already has a “Voice” function, which allows you to transcribe lyrics into another language. The new mode is differentiated above all by the length. Until now the application has been limited to a maximum of a few sentences. From now on, it will be possible to use your smartphone to instantly transcribe and translate entire speeches, conferences, courses, etc.