Google undertakes to automatically delete your personal data after 18 months

By default, and without any user intervention, Google undertakes to delete all the data collected by its software and applications (such as history on the Internet, location among others) after 18 months. For YouTube, this deadline is set at 36 months.

Like Facebook , Google remains in the crosshairs of certain administrations and associations for the defense of privacy, and like Facebook, Google is committed to better protecting the personal data of its users. At least to exploit them less. Especially in the long term.

Logo Google - YouTube

Thus, Google already offered options to manually delete the data collected . These were location history, web activity, and YouTube history . Data collected as soon as you create a Google account and use Chrome on a computer or smartphone , which Google then uses to better target advertisements.

Easier to access Incognito mode

From today, there is no need to perform a manual deletion since Google undertakes to automatically delete the data after 18 months. All new Google accounts will have this timeframe set by default for web activities and apps . However, YouTube is set to 36 months.

We can always adjust this period of time over three months if we prefer that Google keep this data for a shorter time and we can, of course, choose to surf without leaving any traces by refusing any data collection. Besides,  Chrome’s Incognito (or private browsing) mode will be easier to access on Android and iOS applications . A simple long press and you can use Chrome discreetly.