Google withdraws Android license from Huawei

After the decree signed by the Trump administration prohibiting US companies from trading with foreign companies “at risk,” Google but also Intel and Qualcomm have decided to sever ties with the Chinese manufacturer.

Even as Huawei grab the two e in the world ranking of sales of smartphones and the P30 is considered the best cameraphone market is a real stroke of lightning that struck the manufacturer Chinese. One after another, Google, Intel and Qualcomm have announced that they are ending their trading relationship with Huawei, but also its subsidiary Honor.

Why these three giants of computing? Because they are American, and they comply with the decree issued by the US government that prohibits US companies from trading with foreign companies deemed “at risk.” A proclamation mainly targeting Huawei and ZTE whose network equipment installed abroad, in the United States, Europe or Australia, would be used by China to spy.

In concrete terms, what does this divorce mean? First, that Google will no longer license Android to Huawei and Honor, and that the smartphones of both brands will no longer be able to install Google applications, nor offer to download apps from the Play Store. Huawei and Honor are deprived of the operating system  ! And processors and components since Qualcomm and Intel are following suit.

Will already marketed models be spared?

What about those who now own Huawei smartphones like the P20 or the P30? Their phone is not affected by this measure, and this is the case for all smartphones sold before this ban. However, do not rely on the next version of Android nor security updates!

Is this the death of Huawei and Honor? Outside of China, it will be difficult to exist without Android. But the Chinese giant has its operating system and can still use the public version of Android. The problem is that today, it is difficult to survive without the Google applications that are Chrome, Gmail, or Maps. Except in China, where Google is absent.