He paid less than 30,000 euros for this used Tesla Model X with more than 640,000 km on the odometer

We often hear that electric cars have a much longer lifespan than their combustion engine counterparts. And for good reason, there are much less wearing parts, if only at the level of the engine itself, its peripherals (alternator, cooling circuit, exhaust, ignition) and the gearbox. of speed nonexistent.

 So much so that the concept of “old age” of a car based on its mileage could well become completely secondary for an electric car. Indeed, we are starting to hear about models that have reached 200,000 / 300,000 kilometers and are ready to continue their careers, perhaps to double the bet without any problem.

Proof, the Electrek site has just made a very good deal by offering a used Tesla Model X for barely 30,000 dollars (about 26,284 euros at current prices), while the new price is around 100,000 euros. The reason is quite simple: the electric SUV displays more than 643,000 km! Thermal cars having covered such a distance are an exception.

Towards a million km and beyond?

The Model X in question belonged to a company that used it to transport its customers. Its 90 kWh battery was replaced under warranty after 523,000 kilometers, which is already quite a performance. According to Electric, its autonomy at full load is approximately 365 kilometers. The general condition seems perfectly correct for a car that has such experience, both in terms of bodywork and upholstery. The automatic “butterfly” doors seem to work without hindrance, as do the electric seats.

The Electrek reporter explains that the most noticeable wear and tear concern the original shock absorbers. Nothing too bad in short. The site now intends to continue its examination by testing the proper functioning of the Autopilot driving assistance and all the software functionalities of the infotainment system. The goal is to keep rolling this Model X until it gives up the ghost. Will it pass the million-kilometer mark, or even much more?