Here’s how to download the Google Play Store on Android

Here’s an article that will explain how to download the free Google Play Store in its latest version and how to install it right now on your Android smartphone. This page is updated continuously with APKs of the latest versions of the Play Store available for download. To learn more about the changes for updates,  it’s here . To download it, it’s there .


  • What is Google Play?
  • Download the Google Play Store APK
  • How to install the Google Play Store
  • What’s new in the Google Play Store

What is the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is the official Google app that provides access to an immense amount of content. the app is installed by default on most Android devices sold. Formerly known as Android Market, the California giant has finally renamed Google Play and although it is true that sometimes it has some small bugs (we explain here the odd numbers of the errors of the Play Store ), each of them has his solution so if you do not have the Play Store, do not hesitate to install it will simplify your life!

  • You have a problem with the Play Store? We have the solution !

Where to download my APK from the Google Play Store

Download the Play Store in its latest version:

Old versions:

How to install the Google Play Store

Nothing is easier than installing an APK. If you are a reader of AndroidPIT, the APK has no more secret for you. For others, an APK is a file format containing the entire installable application on Android. You can install this file without going through Google Play and without necessarily being connected to the internet.

There are two methods available: download Google Play from your phone and install it manually, or download the Play Store to your computer to install manually afterwards.

Install the Google Play Store from the phone

Proceed as if to install an external application  :

  • Enable installation of applications from unknown sources (found in “Settings> Security> Unknown sources”)
  • Download Google Play APK from our link
  • Find the APK of the Play Store in the Downloads application
  • Open the file and install the new version of the Play Store!


If you ever have problems installing or operating, you can still download an older version of the Google Play Store, which may solve the malfunctions encountered.

Install the Google Play Store from the computer

If you do not have enough DATA or your WiFi connection does not work, you can download the Play Store from your computer. The same process applies:

  • Enable the installation of applications from unknown sources 
    (found in “Settings> Security> Unknown sources”)
  • Using your computer’s browser, then download the Google Play APK above
  • Connect the mobile to the computer via USB and copy the APK file to your Android phone
  • Search the APK of the Play Store in the folder where you copied the file
  • Open the file and install the new version of the Play Store!
AndroidPIT type c cable 0629
Going through the computer can sometimes be more convenient for installing APKs. © ANDROIDPIT 

New features and new features

We have not seen major news recently, except perhaps a small aesthetic evolution: the elements are a little better organized. The major change is highlighting the best positive and negative comments and proposing various filter criteria. Okay, it’s far from being a real revolution but it’s still interesting.

androidpit play store reviews
Here is what it looks like. © ANDROIDPIT

News presented in recent months

The Play Store receives many updates, not always visible to the user but they are intended to improve its experience, even if it is sometimes in the long term. This time, we can already see the fruit: a test version allows users to see the size of the application directly from its homepage on the Play Store.

In other words, if you want to download an application just go to the Play Store, type his name and you will see his size. Thus, no need to click on “Read more” to access the information. Okay, that does not advance the Schmilblick but some users will find it convenient. You can see the feature in image below in a screenshot made by a Turkish beta tester.

Voir l'image sur TwitterVoir l'image sur Twitter

Management of available space

Google offers to download applications on its Play Store, but what happens if you do not have enough space? The application or update that you are trying to install displays a message to explain that the installation is impossible because there is no more space in the storage memory. The problem is that this message only appears at the last moment, so those who are not used to looking at the state of their internal memory have only one solution: the place.

This update offers you to see directly in the category “Updates” of the Play Store how much space you have left. If necessary, you can click on “Free up space” (in original version). A window will appear to tell you that you can save space by removing applications you no longer need. In the new window you can see the applications of your phone, sorted by use, which allows you to quickly detect which can be deleted since not used.