HP unveils first dual-screen laptop

Because players are using more and more of their smartphone next to their computer, the manufacturer has decided to add a touch screen near the keyboard of his brand new laptop. Equipped with the processor, display and hard drive, the Omen X 2S will cost nearly 3,000 euros!

HP was present in Beijing for its  HP Gaming Festival, an event dedicated to all technologies for gamers. The manufacturer has presented various products, including a new PC called Omen X 2S, announced as the first laptop for players in the world, with two screens.

Rather than trying to find a way to add a sizeable second screen, HP was inspired by the tendency of many players to use their smartphone to view a message or follow a broadcast on Twitch. According to the firm, 82% of players use their mobile to send messages during a game session, 61% to listen to music, and 49% to follow videos in streaming, in connection with games.

The manufacturer has therefore decided to integrate a screen similar to that of a smartphone in the keyboard part of the computer. It’s a touch screen which measures six inches, displays a Full definition HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels ) and which is placed just above the keyboard.

A secondary screen to replace the smartphone

The addition of this screen has some consequences on the ergonomics of the computer. The keyboard is moved downward, forcing the manufacturer to provide a separate wrist rest to clip on the computer. Also, the keypad digital has been removed to make room on the side for the touchpad. 

In addition to these annoyances, this second screen allows you to use WeChat and WhatsApp messages, to listen to music with Spotify or to watch Twitch and Youtube. It also offers the ability to duplicate the main screen and zoom in on a specific part, for example to more efficiently view the map in a racing game.

Everything is done for the player with a lower keyboard, an off-center touchpad and this six-inch surface to watch videos or view his emails.  © HP