IBM is working on a watch that turns into a tablet

In June 2019, IBM filed patents for a new kind of smartwatch. Under the frame, seven panels that unfold to turn the watch into a smartphone or tablet as needed.

James Bond is keeping a close watch on IBM ‘s projects as the “Big Blue” engineers may have developed his future watch. At the junction of the smartwatch, the smartphone, and the tablet, there is this futuristic object whose first sketches have been filed by IBM and recovered by LetsGoDigital.

It shows a larger watch than the current competition, with Oled panels hidden under the main screen that unfolds depending on use. At first, it can turn into a smartphone to play, check emails or obviously make calls. Then, by unfolding other panels, it takes the form of a tablet. In total, eight panels can be unfolded to obtain the largest display area.

Foldable screens not yet developed

What we also note is that this concept dates from 2016, but that it has just been validated by the USPTO (the equivalent of the INPI in the United States). This does not mean, however, that this watch of the future will soon land on our wrists. Especially because 2019 proved that foldable screen technologies were not yet developed. The Galaxy Fold has not passed the test of journalists, and the Mate X is still in a box.

On the other hand, what is certain is that the connected watch has been gaining functions and ergonomics for several months. It could eventually be equipped with a photosensor or even a SIM card to act like a smartphone.