Instagram allows multi-post on iOS

Instagram, the famous social network dedicated to photo sharing offers a brand new feature. A new option is now available on the social network. The latter makes it possible to simultaneously publish the same post on several accounts. For now, this feature is only usable by iOS users .


Instagram for pros

As you know, the presence of companies on social networks is at the moment essential. Instagram already offers the ability to connect multiple accounts on a single phone and set up accounts in “pro” mode. Today, it is a feature to publish the same post on multiple accounts simultaneously.

Of course, we immediately think of the community managers, YouTubers or bloggers who manage several accounts that will delight in the appearance of this option. Ordinary, they were forced to disconnect to post from content on another account.

From now on, it will be possible for them, before the validation of the post, to check/uncheck a box to post on one or several accounts. Obviously, the post will be the same and the identical legend. Unfortunately, this handy option is only available to iOS users. We hope it will make its appearance quickly for Android users.

Although Instagram constantly improves its social network, there is currently no “program” function. Indeed, claimed by fans for a long time, the function to share the post of another user, like retweet, is still not available.

It is necessary to go through another application, tedious step and not very ergonomic. Although this program seemed about to see the light of day, Instagram said it did not work on adding such a feature. Even though the multi-post function saves time for a small number of users, we are still waiting for the arrival of the program.